Maik Daniel Makhado Net Worth: Wiki, Age, Parents and More

Following Riky Rick’s death in February 2022, we conducted in-depth research on his personal life. Maik Daniel Makhado is one of the two children of the late rapper. Keep reading to learn more information on the biography and net worth of Maik Daniel Makhado.

Maik Daniel Makhado is famous for being the only son of popular South African rapper, Riky Rick.

Rick Rick was a South African rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, fashion designer, and actor. He is well known for being the founder of Cotton Club Records. Before his demise, Riky was one of the members of a boy band known as ‘Boyz N Bucks’.

Who is Maik Daniel Makhado?

Riky Rick Son

Maik Daniel Makhado is the first son of Riky Rick, a well-known South African rapper, and music composer. Riky Rick, born Rikhado Muziwendlovu was raised in KwaMashu town near Durban, Kwazulu-Natal. Riky Rick’s music career was birthed after having a series of recording sessions with Bongani Fassie.

Maik Daniel was born in 2014, meaning he will be eight years old in 2022. Riky Rick used to share lovely pictures of his family and has given fans a glimpse of what his children look like. 

Maik Daniel Makhado Parents

Maik Daniel Makhado Net Worth
Maik Daniel Makhado shares a picture with his late father

Maik Makhado was born by Bianca Naidoo and Riky Rick (Rikhado Makhado). He also grew up with his parents. Due to his father’s death, Maik is being raised alone by his mother. Maik’s father, RIky Rick was born on July 20, 1987, and died on 23rd February 2022. His mother, Bianca Naidoo, was born on 8 September 1982. Bianca and Riky met at a café somewhere in Sandton.

As Riky Rick’s wife, Bianca is a popular figure in the South African entertainment industry. She is a popular celebrity and an iconic figure in the country. She is the mother of Ricy Rick’s two children, however, he passed on before they got married.

Maik Daniel Makhado Biography
Maik Daniel Makhado and his mother

Maik Daniel is not on any social media yet, but in years to come, he will have an account of his own. His father, Riky is a prolific Instagram user. Being a superstar, he boasted over 2 million followers on his Instagram page @rikyrickworld.

Maik Daniel Makhado Siblings

Maik Daniel Makhado is not the only child of the late Riky Rick. He also has a sister, who is identified as Jordan Makhado. Whenever Riky goes on a vacation or a timeout, he posts images of the good time he spent with his wife and children.

Maik Daniel Makhado Net Worth

We will also tell you how rich is Riky Rick’s son. Maik Daniel Makhado is still a child and doesn’t have a job or a career that pays his bills. However, his father, Riky Rick left behind a net worth of over R56 million, which is close to $3.6 million.

Maik Daniel Makhado Biography

His father, Riky, struggled with alcohol, drug addiction, and depression before his death. But before his death, Riky was at the top of his career. He made top commercial albums, hit tracks, and secured lucrative endorsement deals from brands such as Vaseline, Remy Martin, Nike, and Rolex. So, he was wealthy, allowing him to enjoy a good lifestyle.

Riky Rick is survived by his wife and two children. The family is currently bereaved and is mourning the death of their husband and father. Riky Rick died at the age of 34; the cause of his death was suicide. Riky Rick will forever remain a legend in South African music, he is a source of inspiration to many artists and creatives in South Africa, and his legacy will be remembered by future generations.

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