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42 Dugg Net Worth: Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Career and More

42Dugg, born Dion Marquise Hayes, is a popular American rapper and songwriter. He is renowned for his hit songs such as ‘Grace’, ‘Tripping’, ‘You Da One’, ‘We Paid’, and ‘The Streets’. 42 Dugg came to the limelight after his collaboration with American rapper, Lil Baby.

He is currently signed to a joint contract with Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (CMG) label and Lil Baby’s 4PF Records. As of 2022, his net worth is estimated to be over $2 million. As a rising hip-hop artiste, there is a lot of information to be known about 42 Dugg.

In this post, we will provide information about 42 Dugg’s net worth and other essential details such as his biography, height, weight, cars, girlfriend, music career, lifestyle, and more.

How Rich Is 42 Dugg

42 Dugg Profile

Nickname/Stage Name42 Dugg
Full NameDion Marquise Hayes
Profession/OccupationRapper, Recording Artiste, and Songwriter
Net Worth$2 million (USD)
Date of BirthNovember 25, 1994
Place of BirthDetriot, Michigan, United States
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height5 ft 1 in (156 cm)
Weight58 kg (128 lbs)
Age28 Years
GenresHip-Hop, Rap
Associated LabelsInterscope Records, 4 Pockets Full (4PF), Collective Music Group (CMG)

42 Dugg Biography

42 Dugg Biography

42 Dugg was born on the 25th of November 1994 in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He grew up in the streets of Detroit and was caught up in a number of controversies in the area. While growing up, he spent more time at parties than on his education. He attended Legacy Christian Academy.

Being raised on the Easy side of Detroit, 42 Dugg was exposed to many crimes daily due to the bad and negative influences that surrounded him. Detroit, Michigan, is known to be one of the roughest places in the United States.

Dion was literally homeless and hopeless as he grew up without a father and rarely saw his mother. Since he had no support from his parents, the streets were all he had. He did a lot of negative things to raise money and was arrested several times.

At the age of 15, he got involved in legal trouble and was sentenced to 6 years in jail for carjacking and illegally possessing a firearm. Even in prison, 42 Dugg had altercations with other prisoners and fought with them.

A fight with an inmate in prison extended his time in jail to a total of six years. In his fifth year in prison, he was placed in solitary confinement. On two occasions, he spent a month in solitary confinement.

During his time in jail, he got himself involved in music. He discovered his talent for rap and hip-hop music in his fourth year in prison. Consequently, he found time to listen to hip-hop songs, and in no time, he started composing and creating his own music. He wrote music daily in prison, where he practiced and honed his rap skills.

42 Dugg Biography and Net Worth

His interest, dedication, and consistency made him almost ‘perfect’ by the time he was out of jail. Just as he was released from jail, he pursued a career in music. One of his decisions to do music was that he never wanted to have anything to do with crimes so as not to return to prison.

Music Career

After his release from music, 42 Dugg was introduced to Lil Baby by some mutual friends. At that point, Lil Baby was said to be working on several projects. The duo began writing slam poetry together, and Lil Baby was impressed with 42 Dugg’s skills.

In January 2018, 42 Dugg released his first official single, ‘Mama I’m Sorry’. He dedicated the song to his mother as an apology for all the trouble he had caused her.

42 Dugg and Lil Baby

42 Dugg flew to Atlanta to see Lil Baby and his team, who eventually offered him a chance at their label, 4PF. Lil Baby wasn’t the only rapper interested in signing 42 Dugg; other rappers and music executives were keen on getting him on their books. The catchy songs and wordplay of 42 Dugg soon got into the ears of Yo Gotti, who signed him under his record label, Collective Music Group (CMG).

Shortly afterward, he came out with another song titled “STFU’, which featured young rappers such as Bagboy Medl, Cashkidd, OMB Peezxy, EWM Kdoe, and EWM Buck.

The song was his breakthrough single as it went viral on social media platforms and got more than 7 million hits since its release. After a few months, he released another song dubbed ‘Free Mines’, which generated millions of plays and streams across digital music platforms.

His song ‘The Streets’, which featured Babyface Ray is one of his biggest hits to date. Within three months of release, the song garnered over 3 million streams. The song is listed as one of his top-performing singles on the Spotify streaming platform.

In March 2019, he came up with another hit song ‘You Da One’ featuring Yo Gotti. The track was a big hit, and it attracted more than 4 million streams on YouTube alone. On March 11, 2019, 42 Dugg signed a joint contract with 4PF and Collective Music Group. Both deals were made in conjunction with Interscope Records, his parent record label.

Being signed to a label and having the backing of the label, Dugg’s exposure and popularity in the hip-hop music scene increased exponentially. He released several music projects, EPs, and mixtapes inclusive.

In August 2018, he dropped the two-volume project titled ‘11241 Wayburn’, with part one being a mixtape and part two being an EP. His latest project, titled ‘Young and Turnt’ dropped sometime in March 2019.

42 Dugg received wide popularity and exposure after he was featured on Lil Baby’s song titled ‘Grace’. The song was released in February 2020 and was a massive hit after getting the 48th spot on the Billboard Hot 100. This song landed Dugg his first-ever appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was a successful release and got more than 125 million views on YouTube.

In May 2020, Dugg got featured in another Lil Baby song titled ‘We Paid’. The song was a big hit like the previous one and was enlisted at the 10th spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

On March 27, 2020, 42 Dugg dropped a mixtape titled ‘Young & Turnt 2’. His early collaborations and hit songs with Lil Baby helped to build and boost the hype around the mixtape. The mixtape wasn’t a flop but proved to be a hit after being listed at the 58th on the Billboard 200.

42 Dugg Height and Weight

42 Dugg isn’t huge; he has a short height. He is 5 ft 1 in tall or 156 cm tall. He weighs around 128 pounds (58kg). Dugg’s waist, chest, and hip are all 38 inches. Similarly, his hair color is black, while his eye color is dark brown.

Who is 42 Dugg Girlfriend?

At the moment, 42 Dugg is single. He could have a lot of ladies in his life, but he is yet to reveal who he is dating or having a relationship with.

Sometime in the past, 42 Dugg had a relationship with an Instagram star and model known as Jazmin Re’Nae. However, they broke up in controversial circumstances after the lady called him ‘A Fat Booty Man’.

42 dugg cars

42 Dugg Cars

42 Dugg is a fan of luxury cars. The rapper boasts of a fleet of expensive whips in his garage. He owns a Lamborghini Urus, valued at around $218,000, and a Bently Bentayga, amongst many cars.

42 dugg car collection


Being from Detroit, Dugg has gotten involved in many troubles and controversies, which landed him in jail. As mentioned earlier, he was arrested for carjacking and felony firearm possession when he was still a kid. This resulted in 6-year imprisonment.

After his release from jail, he was still arrested on numerous occasions. First, in March 2020, he was arrested on federal gun charges. Subsequently, on August 4, 2020, he zoomed his vehicle through a stop sign. He paid a $20,000 bond to get released from police custody.

In February 2021, an American rapper, OMB Peezy fired a gun and attacked 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch during a music video shoot. Although Dugg got injured, no other person on the scene suffered serious injuries during the incident. Later, OMB Peezy was arrested by the police on the charge of possession of a firearm.

42 Dugg Net Worth

42Dugg Net Worth

42 Dugg has been in the spotlight since his partnership with Lil Baby. His successful singles are products of his exceptional musical talent. However, Dugg is yet to make a big mark globally. Currently, 42 Dugg’s net worth is around $2 million. He takes an annual salary of more than $400,000.

Being a music artist, 42 Dugg makes his money from streaming royalties, album sales, concerts, show performances, merch, and many more.

Dugg is a young rapper with a lot of potentials. Already having a few hit singles under his belt, he’ll make more money in the long run if he consistently delivers the hits. 

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