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Dharod Family Biography, Early Life, Career, Business, Personal Life and Net Worth

The Dharod Family is famous for two reasons; first, they are associated with bro brothers, Harshod and Sunil Dharod, who own a chain of successful businesses in the United States. Secondly, the boys had a poor background, but today, they are a success story.

The Dharod brothers (Harshad and Sunil) run a fleet of businesses, including real estate properties and restaurant franchises in the U.S. Even though they were born poor, the Indian brothers worked their way up to the peak of their respective careers. They began their business in India but have extended their operations to other parts of the world. The brothers have built and established a big restaurant business empire, one of the biggest things in the United States.

Harshad and Sunil Dharod are the founders of Shyam Group, an Indian conglomerate domiciled in Mumbai. The Dharod family has a net worth of around $80 million. This post provides information on the biography and early life of the brothers and how they made their money.

Sunil Dharod and Harshad Dharod Biography

Full NameSunil Dharod and Harshad Dharod
Date of Birth Harshad Dharod: 21st January 1962
Sunil Dharod: 12th November 1964
Place of Birth India
Nationality India
ProfessionBusinessmen and Entrepreneurs
Relationship StatusMarried
Net Worth$80 million

Early Life

Sunil and Harshad are Indian entrepreneurs who own a network of restaurants and residential homes. The older sibling, Harshad, was born on January 21, 1962, while Sunil was born on November 12, 1964.

While the boys were young, they lost their father, so their mother raised them. Due to the death of their father, who was the breadwinner of the family, the family struggled to make ends meet. It was challenging for them to fend for themselves after their father’s demise.

However, the Dharod brothers took responsibility for their welfare by doing different jobs to provide for the household. Harshad and Sunil would sell milk from door to door, home to home, hoping to make money and get food for their household.

They would try catching a train at the railway station to collect eight bottles of milk. Asides from that, they did other menial jobs as they were desperate to make money to get a better life. Soon, they moved to the United States with their mother in search of a better life.

Work and Professional Career

When they got to the United States, their mother worked many hours every day, hoping to raise money. The brothers followed in their mother’s footsteps; they did legitimate jobs and worked as hard as possible to stay afloat. Working 16 hours every day became a routine for them, and they held several jobs to sustain themselves in the U.S.

Sunil Dharod Net Worth

Eventually, Sunil enrolled in trade school and later applied for a mechanic job, earning an annual income of over $100,000 a year. His base salary was $60,000, but he earned the remaining $40,000 by working overtime, especially in his free time and on weekends.

His brother, Harshad, desired to be a doctor but initially got his first work at a restaurant. He noticed he got a promotion from the owner each time he mentioned leaving the job to go to school and complete his education.

Eventually, he attained the position of Chain Supervisor over the restaurant. The Dahrod brothers pulled their resources together and started planning to start their own business. They purchase their first restaurant franchises.

Sunil would later purchase a Jack in the Box unit in Los Angeles, California. With time, he bought more of the franchise until he owned a larger portion of it. Later, he sold them after seeing opportunities and potential in Burger King sites in the U.S. Sunil oversees different businesses and companies, including 47 Sonic Drive-Ins, 70 Applebee’s, and Roy’s Restaurants, under the management of his company, SSCP Management.

Harshad Dharod Net Worth

On the other hand, Harshad continued his business operations in the hospitality and restaurant industry by purchasing more apartments and hiring more employees. Harshad has a large-scale business and has more than 4,000 employees working for him.

Personal Life

Sunil and Harshad are married and are raising their families. Sunil has a son and a daughter. His son, Chris Dharod, is in charge of Applebee, while his daughter, Puja, serves as the company’s director. Both brothers keep their marriage, personal life, and family private.

Dharod Family Net Worth

The Dharod family’s net worth is estimated to be around the region of $80 million. Both Sunil and Harshad Dharod could have wallowed in poverty, but they envisioned where they needed to be in life and put in hard work by doing different jobs in India and the United States. They knew that selling milk at railway stations and doing other menial jobs would not make them millionaires overnight, but they did it hoping to raise money and seek a better life elsewhere.

Their grass-to-grace story is truly an inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs. The Dharod family is successful and owns a string of residences, restaurants, and businesses to their name. If you feel like giving up, read this story of the Dharod family to refuel your passion and motivation.

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