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SteveWillDoIt Net Worth, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Career Earnings, Income

Stephen Deleonardis, popularly known as SteveWillDoIt, is an American YouTuber and social media influencer. Steve was born on the 26th of August 1998 and is well-known for his humorous and comedic personality and his knack for making prank videos.

He is often recognized for his collaboration with NELK, a public prank channel. Steve rose to the limelight after uploading prank and challenge videos online. As his name implies, SteveWillDoIt will do anything his viewers or fans want him to do. For instance, one of his Instagram challenges was quickly downing a full bottle of Vodka.

Steve has collaborated with popular celebrities such as TFUE and 6ix9ine. He makes money from brand sponsorships, endorsements, and YouTube. He has a net worth of over $5 million. This article shares details about SteveWillDoIt’s lifestyle, biography, weight, height, career, income, net worth, and what he does to make money.

SteveWillDoIt Biography

Full NameStephen Deleonardis
Popular NameSteveWillDoIt
Date of BirthAugust 26, 1998
Place of BirthOviedo, Florida, United States
Age24 Yrs
Height5 ft 11 in (180.5 cm)
Weight87.5 lbs (85 kg)
GirlfriendCelina Smith
ProfessionYouTuber, Prankster, Online Influencer
Salary$250,000 +
Monthly Income$20,000 +
Net Worth$5 million

Early Life

SteveWillDoIt was born as “Stephen Deleonardis” on August 26, 1998, in Oviedo, Florida in the United States. Like many kids in his neighborhood, he attended Oviedo High School. He has two siblings, a brother, and a sister, and is very attached to his father and the rest of his family because of their support.

Stephen never attended the university but a local school in Florida. His content creation journey started in his late teens.


Since 2019, he has been known for uploading challenge videos on Instagram, using the username “Stevewilldoit”. Within a short time, Steve became popular on YouTube and Instagram as he started doing crazy stunts and challenges like eating 15 burgers at a go and downing a full bottle of vodka within a short period.

From buying gifts for strangers, purchasing vehicles for his celebrity fans, and doing all kinds of things on camera, Steve will do any challenge requested by his fans. His content isn’t so controversial, but some of them have landed him in trouble.

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In 2019, for instance, Demi Lovato criticized one of his videos where he was gulping alcoholic content in large amounts. This didn’t go down well with Steve, and it created a beef between them as Demi went on to block him on Instagram. The incident ended in a social media debacle as Steve got himself a tattoo of the singer on his thigh. All of this has brought him great stardom, which made him an internet star and social media personality.

However, his views are not entirely controversial, and you can find videos of Steve giving gifts to strangers and people he is not affiliated with. He has conducted giveaways and given expensive gifts to his fans. On one occasion, he gifted a Tesla Model X to an obsessed fan. 6ix9ine had given Steve a limited edition of the McLaren MSO X. Steve does a lot of giveaways, and many people believe him to be a billionaire.

You can find videos of Steve consuming large amounts of food or cannabis. He uploads a short clip or snippet of the video on Instagram while the full video is uploaded to YouTube. Steve claimed his video were continually removed from Instagram, and he was prompted to use YouTube, which was a viable alternative. His first YouTube video, titled “I’m taking over YouTube” was uploaded on June 11, 2019, and it has garnered over 1 million videos since.

Steve’s popularity grew after he appeared in NELK videos. NELK Entertainment is a social network and a Canadian prank channel on YouTube. Steve is a member of NELK. On May 7, 2019, he made a video with other NELK members titled “Fake Security At Hollywood’s Hottest Night Club Prank“. In February 2020, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to stay closer to the group.

On April 13, 2021, NELK Entertainment published a video with the time “Buying a $10 Million Yacht in Bitcoin”, which has amassed over 4 million views. Another video with the title “Taking a Virgin to the Club” uploaded on April 20, 2021, had over 4.5 million views on the channel. The most viewed video on NELK’s YouTube channel is titled “I handcuffed Brad Martyn then ripped darts in his gym,” and it has more than 10 million views.

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Steve’s collaborations with NELK have further boosted his fame and identity. In October 2020, Steve, alongside other NELK members, was opportune to meet former U.S president Donald Trump. They became part of the Trump campaign team, and later, Trump invited Steve to dance on stage.

Steve’s work earned him a lot of money and caused him to build a large following across social media in a short while. It is rumored that YouTube has banned and demonetized Steve’s channel as he has taken to Rumble to upload his prank videos.

Personal Life

Steve is a fitness enthusiast; his Instagram account mentions him as the healthiest man alive. Anyone that knows or is a fan of SteveWillDoIt knows that he has been in an on-and-off relationship with Celina Smith.

SteveWillDoIt is dating Celina Smith, a model and an Instagram and social media personality. Celina has a large following on Instagram and Only Fans. The duo met at Oviedo High School and have been together for years. It was speculated that Steve broke up with his high-school sweetheart after he caught her cheating on him. Although they separated in time past, they still got back together.

SteveWillDoIt Girlfriend

Steve also introduced Celina as his girlfriend on his YouTube channel, which shows that they are still in a relationship. Steve and Celina Smith have been spotted together on several occasions. Most Steve fans love his chemistry with Celina. Celina has been featured in several posts of Steve on Instagram.


In 2017, Steve was arrested for possessing marijuana and other substances and driving while his license was suspended. In May 2020, he was arrested with other NELK members for shooting a prank video at a Target store in Mississippi.

In October 2021, Coffeezilla, a YouTuber and Mutahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers, started a series of videos to dig and expose SteveWillDoIt’s income sources through his affiliation with Roobet. Roobet crypto gambling service was said to be illegal and unlicensed in the United States.

Roobet was described as “offshore and unregulated” and risky for users. Roobet has raised eyebrows as many see it as a scam. The real concern is that Roobet owner Allen Temiz has a track record for scamming and money laundering. After the revelations, Steve wiped the gambling content on his YouTube channel.

StevewillDoIt Net Worth

SteveWillDoIt is a wealthy social media influencer with multiple sources of income. The American content creator has built over $5 million net worth.

Over his career, Steve has earned money from endorsements, brand sponsorships, and his monetized YouTube channel, which has close to 5 million subscribers. According to Social Blade, Steve’s YouTube channel is growing by 2,000 subscribers daily and is making anything from around $35,700 to $499,400 per year.

Steve owns his own business, a merchandise and alcohol brand, Happy Dad.

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