Customer Service Representatives Needed at Specialist Herbiculture in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Coming all the way from Maryland, USA, our small, family-run dispensary is setting up shop in Toronto. Customers in Ontario can purchase cannabis products from our store because we have the necessary licenses.

Our company is thrilled to expand its extensive cannabis expertise from the United States to Canada. Every member of the Herbiculture team is important, and we all depend on each other to help us develop as individuals and as a company.

Members of our team treat each other with dignity and respect when working together, and they consistently encourage one another to do the right thing.

We are the perfect place for you if you are looking for a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment where your ideas may thrive. You will have the opportunity to contribute to our operations and advance in your career with our organization.

We hope to be a welcoming and helpful part of our community for everyone looking for our products, and we work hard to achieve this goal.

Our Services

Discounts on our products for employees
Workplace where you are respected and appreciated Possibility to contribute to the growth of the organization via the expression of your ideas
Appreciation of abilities and results
Pay that is competitive
Extra paid time off for unexpected personal matters


If the cannabis industry and its products captivate you and pique your curiosity, then this profession is tailor-made for you. People say you’re easy to talk to, and that you always go the extra mile to lend a hand to those in need.

You have an excellent ear for understanding people’s needs and are a natural problem solver. Educating customers and suggesting the finest items for their needs is something you take pleasure in doing because it allows you to share your expertise and experiences.

Every customer deserves the best customer service, and that is what you aim to give. You are adaptable, able to work well with people in a variety of settings, and you know that following the company’s policies and procedures is essential.


Greeting and welcoming each customer and guest with a smile
The store must be kept clean, inviting, and comfortable for all customers at all times.
Helping consumers learn about sales, items, and their applications
Keeping all customers up-to-date on our sales events so they may save money
Paying close attention to what clients have to say and then suggesting solutions that work for them
Keeping the storefront well-stocked and displaying products accurately
Operating the point-of-sale system, automated teller machines, and cash drawer efficiently to process transactions and keep accurate records
Taking care of requests for cannabis

Making sure the store is clean and organized before opening and closing each day
Adhering to the regulations, guidelines, and statutes that are specific to herbiculture
Additional tasks tailored to the client’s needs may be allocated to the Customer Care Specialist.


Proficient in providing and maintaining high-quality customer service in a dynamic and demanding work environment Strong verbal, interpersonal, and listening abilities
Ability to resolve conflicts, negotiate, mediate, and solve problems
Capacity to maintain focus on multiple tasks at once
Flexibility in scheduling, including holidays, nights, and weekends
Take a meticulous approach
Skills in basic arithmetic and computer use
Capacity to work swiftly, precisely, and effectively

Age requirement: 19 or older per Ontario’s Cannabis Act and Regulations
Two years of sales and/or customer service experience is required.
Competence need to pass the AGCO-mandated Course on CannSell
Knowledgeable in the use of several types of technology

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