The Shiroro-katampe Transmission Line Has Been Vandalized, Causing a Possible Blackout, According to TCN

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Vandalism of the Shiroro-Katampe 330kV transmission line, one of the Transmission Company of Nigeria’s (TCN) important infrastructures, occurred for the seventh time this year in February and March, according to the company.
The Shiroro-Katampe transmission line tripped at around 9 a.m. on Sunday, according to the business.

In the aftermath of the preliminary investigations, TCN engineers tried and failed to restore operation. Ndidi Mbah, general manager of public affairs at TCN, stated that subsequent efforts were undertaken to locate the source of the problem.

Her account indicates that linesmen were sent out to physically survey the area under suspicion. Vandalism along the Shiroro-Katampe transmission line was reported to TCN linesmen by nearby vigilante team leaders during the fault tracing process. According to TCN staff, the 330kV Shiroro-Katampe transmission line 1, which runs from Towers 244 to 245, has been vandalized and the conductors have been stolen.

According to Mbah, TCN is currently preparing to replace the conductors once the site’s security measures are finished. The Gwagwalada 330kV line, which supplies electricity to the Kukwaba-Apo axis, and the second line are both fully operational, though.

The Lokoja–Gwagwalada 330kV transmission line would also increase TCN’s wheeling capability towards Abuja and the surrounding areas. To lessen the impact on Abuja and the surrounding areas, TCN is making every effort to prevent more acts of sabotage.

Tower 70 along the Gwagwalade-Katampe transmission line was destroyed on February 26, 2024, and this incident adds to a string of vandalism occurrences registered by TCN in February 2024. In addition, on February 23, 2024, towers 377 and 378 of the Gombe-Damaturu 330kV transmission line were vandalized. On February 15, 2024, towers 145 to 149 and 201 to 218 of the Owerri-Ahoda 132kV transmission line were attacked. Also, the Jos-Bauchi 132kV single circuit transmission line had tower 388 collapse because to vandalism on February 1, 2024.

This kind of sabotage is absolutely intolerable, and TCN is calling on the proper security agencies and host communities to work together to find and punish those responsible. It is critical that we work together to prevent similar catastrophes and ensure the safety of the country’s transmission system.

TCN is requesting that all Nigerians help report vandalism. She emphasized that protecting the nation’s electrical infrastructure is everyone’s duty because it is an asset to the country.

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