The Success of the War Against Bandits Depends on the Support of the People—Advocacy Group

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Unity Advocacy Group (UAG), a civil society organization, has urged Nigerians to stand with the military and other security forces in their fight against the many types of insecurity that plague the nation.

During his keynote talk at the recent conference organized by the Defence Correspondents Association of Nigeria (DECAN) on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024, Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Christopher Musa urged Nigerians to have optimism about the country’s future, and the gathering wholeheartedly agreed with him.
“Civil Military Relations: Non-kinetic efforts of the Nigerian Military in Security Management, Challenges and Prospects” is the title of the seminar.

We are increasingly looking to acquire and use non-kinetic methods to project power, secure interests, and solve issues, rather than the traditional view of war that relies largely on kinetic weapons, as stated by the CDS.
He reiterated that, even in the face of new threats, the military’s primary goal is to win over the people through peaceful and diplomatic means.

Everyone is fighting for the favor of the people while dealing with non-state entities, as we have seen time and time again. Keeping one step ahead of these crooks is crucial, the CDS emphasized.
UAG expressed its agreement with the CDS position in a press release signed by convener Ifeanyi Aigbedion.

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