Nigeria to begin exporting locally produced goods to South Africa and others as part of the AfCFTA In April,

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As part of the AfCFTA Guided Trade program, Nigeria is almost ready to start officially exporting locally manufactured goods to South Africa, Rwanda, Cameroon, and Kenya next month. This is a major milestone.

During the Abuja Stakeholders Workshop on the AfCFTA Digital Trade Protocol, Olusegun Awolowo, executive secretary of the National Action Committee on AfCFTA, made the announcement.

Official and formal exports by Nigeria will begin in April under the Guided Trade Initiative, even if trading under the main AfCFTA framework has not yet begun. Improving commercial relations with African states and taking advantage of the AfCFTA pact are the goals of this action.

The AfCFTA secretariat launched the Guided Trade Initiative to help African nations trade with one another outside of their regional blocs. Official exports to the aforementioned countries will be initiated by selected enterprises, and Nigeria has joined the project.

Awolowo stressed the need to complete all required procedures and agreements before AfCFTA trading can begin.

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