“Remi Aluko, a veteran singer, claims that Burna Boy and other Afrobeats artists are ripping off Fuji”

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Fuji musician Remi Aluko has accused Afrobeats musicians of “stealing” their sound.

He claimed that Fuji had inspired many Afrobeats artists, particularly with his chorus rhythms.

Burna Boy, whose live performance the Fuji star said was influenced by Fuji, was singled out by the star.

Afrobeats artists are plagiarizing Fuji music, according to an interview Aluko gave to Echo Room recently. Well, they are well aware of it.

A lot of Fuji Music’s property was stolen. Fuji music is featured in an Afrobeats song’s chorus.

The stage performance of Burna Boy, for example, is completely one-of-a-kind since it draws inspiration from fuji.

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