Adecco Canada is hiring factory workers in Goderich, Ontario.

Adecco Canada is hiring factory workers in Goderich, Ontario

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Adecco is presently seeking numerous full-time Production Associates in Tiverton, ON for a client specializing in the Cannabis Industry. You will collaborate closely with a team to complete numerous duties in the growing, harvesting, trimming, and packaging operations.

Are you a hands-on person who is passionate about cannabis production? We are searching for motivated, detail-oriented Production Associates to join our growing team!

Here’s why you should apply.

4% vacation paid weekly.
Weekly payments were made accurately and on time.
Strong health and safety programs.
Free training programs
New and faster onboarding process Responsibilities:

Responsible for daily plant care and upkeep from clone to harvest. Ensure production area is clean and sterile, including routine cleaning.
Weekly sanitizing of equipment and infrastructure.
Harvest and repopulate rooms in an efficient and timely fashion.
Follow all SOPs linked to everyday work activities to preserve compliance with the regulations.
Maintain general care for tools, technical equipment, and industrial facilities.
Capable of working independently or collaboratively in warm environments.
Capability to work with and manage disinfection chemicals

Requirements: Moderate computer abilities, ability to troubleshoot equipment/machinery, and willingness to follow instructions.
Must demonstrate a high level of initiative and passion with respect to cultivating plants.
Must be able to work varying shifts.
Other duties as assigned.

Must have a clear criminal history.
Must pay attentive attention to detail.
Capable of lifting 50 pounds.
Excellent written and verbal communication abilities.

Must be able to do typically repetitious tasks at a consistently high degree of quality.
Willingness and flexibility to fulfill any activity that is required.
To work in the cannabis industry, you must be at least 19 years old and wear personal protection equipment, including safety shoes.

Must be legally eligible to work and live in Canada.
Apply today to get started! Apply for this great opportunity today, and an Adecco recruiter will contact you if you meet the qualifications!

What skills and attributes are essential for a factory worker?

Being a successful factory worker necessitates a combination of technical skills, physical attributes, and personal characteristics. Here are some essential abilities and attributes for a factory worker:

Technical Skills: Factory workers should have specialized technical skills that are appropriate for the sort of factory they work in. This can include operating machinery, comprehending assembly procedures, adhering to production instructions, and using tools or equipment. Knowledge of industry-specific processes and equipment is critical for efficient and safe manufacturing.

Physical stamina and strength: Factory employment frequently involves physical labor that requires endurance, strength, and the ability to stand for long periods of time. Factory workers may have to lift big goods, complete repetitive activities, and work in physically demanding environments. Excellent physical stamina and fitness are required.

Attention to Detail: Factory workers must pay close attention to detail in order to produce accurate and high-quality work. This includes carefully following instructions, checking produced products for flaws, and adhering to quality control guidelines. Attention to detail helps to avoid mistakes, decrease waste, and preserve manufacturing efficiency.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Many factory operations demand exceptional hand-eye coordination in order to perform exact movements, handle small parts, and operate machines correctly. Hand-eye coordination is useful for jobs such as assembly, packaging, and controlling control panels.

Technical and mechanical aptitude: Factory workers benefit from a natural ability to understand technical or mechanical topics. This involves the ability to troubleshoot simple equipment difficulties, make modest modifications, and understand machinery performance.
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While formal education is not usually required for entry-level plant Worker roles, some certifications or training programs may be useful depending on the industry or kind of plant. Furthermore, having an optimistic attitude, a willingness to learn, and a strong work ethic are important attributes for success as a factory worker.

What education and certification are needed to become a factory worker?

The education and certification requirements for becoming a Factory Worker differ depending on the industry, kind of factory, and employer preferences. In many circumstances, formal education beyond a high school diploma or equivalent may not be necessary. However, certain certifications or training programs can help you get a better career and learn new skills. Here are a few relevant options:

High school diploma or equivalent is usually the minimal educational qualification for entry-level Factory Worker roles. It reflects basic educational achievement and foundational skills.

Industry-Specific Training Programs: Some sectors provide specialized training programs or apprenticeships for factory workers. These programs are designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge required for their respective industries or manufacturing processes. They may discuss machine operation, assembly processes, quality control, and workplace safety.

Technical or Vocational Education: While not usually essential, completing technical or vocational education programs in manufacturing or industrial operations can provide a solid base of knowledge and abilities. These programs may include courses in machine operation, industrial technology, manufacturing procedures, and quality assurance.

Forklift Operator Certification: If your factory uses forklifts or other material handling equipment, obtaining a forklift operator certification could be advantageous. This certification demonstrates expertise in operating forklifts safely and in accordance with applicable legislation.
It is crucial to remember that specific standards can vary greatly based on the business and employer preferences.

Some factories may have specialized training programs or certifications for their operations. Furthermore, many businesses may have legislation or safety standards that require personnel to undergo specific training or obtain applicable certificates.

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