Registered Nurses Needed at The Wohl Group in Toronto, Ontario

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Our client is a private health professional consulting organization that helps people prepare for their future health by assembling a team of doctors, registered nurses, and other associated health experts.

Their Thornhill-based staff takes the time to get to know each client and their unique health situation in order to determine the best course of action.

An experienced registered nurse (RN) with 25 years of service is retiring, and they are seeking a replacement.

Responsibilities of the Job

Conduct patient assessments to determine the most suitable nursing interventions
Involve patients and their families in the planning, execution, coordination, and evaluation of care while working as part of an interdisciplinary health team.
Medications and therapies must be administered in accordance with the doctor’s orders or predetermined protocols.
Keep track of patient and condition updates, symptoms, and evaluations; document, address, and report any changes.

Perform the duties of operating or supervising medical equipment
Provide support throughout outpatient treatments and minor surgeries
Has the potential to oversee LPNs and other members of the nursing staff
Upon patient admission, may design and execute discharge planning procedure
In conjunction with other medical professionals, may instruct and advise patients and their loved ones on matters pertaining to health.
Needed Skills

Has an active Ontario registered nurse license.
Experience as a nurse for at least five years, ideally in a public or private healthcare setting.
Proficient in the use of medical language and the correct methods for administering medication.
Interactions with patients, their families, and other healthcare providers require strong interpersonal and communication skills.
Other tasks may be delegated as needed.
In your opinion, what are the most crucial traits of an effective medical representative?

Interpersonal, communicative, and technical abilities are necessary for a medical representative to succeed in their role. Qualities and abilities that are essential for a medical representative include:

Acquiring Product Knowledge:

Thorough familiarity with the medical gadgets and pharmaceuticals that they stand for.
Proficiency in explaining the products’ functions, advantages, and uses.

Fluency in Expression:

Excellent abilities in both written and spoken expression.
Capacity to convey intricate medical concepts in a way that is easy to comprehend.
The ability to actively listen in order to comprehend the requirements of healthcare providers
Cooperation with Others:

Forming and keeping connections with medical experts, such as doctors and pharmacists.
Capacity to connect with others, create a connection, and earn trust.
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Being able to change

Adaptability to meet the unique requirements of each healthcare provider and change with the times.
The capacity to deal with setbacks and keep going even when things get tough.
Effective Time Management:

Efficiently coordinate schedules to meet with several medical experts while covering a large area.
Maximize productivity by prioritizing jobs and activities.
Expertise in Business:

Comprehending the commercial elements of the medical field.
Being up-to-date on healthcare industry economics, trends, and contests.
Right Action:

Maintaining a code of conduct in advertising and marketing pharmaceuticals.
Follow all rules and regulations set down by the industry.

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