Nigerians will Have More Choices Thanks to FG-Backed New Pay TV

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The Nigerian government has introduced a new satellite pay TV service, promising to provide an alternative to current options and meet the aspirations of the people by providing them with good value for their money.

The statement was given by Sen. George Akume, secretary to the federal government (SGF), during the official opening of Silver Lake Television (SLTV), a Nigerian satellite television station, in Abuja.
Creating the organization, he said, reflects the will of the Nigerian people to “reap from the bountiful harvest awaiting investors in the Nigerian economy.”

It is becoming abundantly evident that we are on the correct route to our collective recovery and prosperity,” he remarked, praising the proprietors of the company, Metrodigital Limited, for what he saw as their patriotic move in establishing the satellite television. There is no one else we can call home like this nation, and we must do everything in our power to restore it.
According to the SGF, “Nigerian citizens have been longing for viable alternatives to Satellite Pay TV” in recent decades. From what I can see, SLTV is eager to provide their fellow countrymen with affordable, high-quality service, and they have replied with a resounding yes.

“It is encouraging that Metrodigital acknowledges the steadfastness of the federal government in promoting responsible and competitive broadcasting in Nigeria, free from monopolies and unfair market practices. This aligns with the administration’s goal of reviving the Nigerian economy under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.”
“It is one of the many outcomes of the President’s massive policy shifts since taking office in this most populous African nation that we are here today to discuss his efforts to revive the economy.”

You will not find another opportunity like the one in Nigeria, elsewhere in the world. The federal government wants SLTV’s management to know that they have their complete support as they stay on the right side of Nigeria’s broadcasting law.
Dr. Ifeanyi Okafor, managing director of Metrodigital Limited, bemoaned the fact that monopolistic laws and regulations in Nigeria have stunted the expansion of pay TV in his statement.
But he said that the government’s encouraging actions to solve the issue had encouraged his firm to invest.

In contrast to other countries, Nigeria’s pay TV sector has not grown rapidly and robustly since its start. The rules and regulatory frameworks impact the industry participants’ practice and attitude, which is why this is the case.
This opened the door for monopolistic activities by the dominant businesses, which stifled innovation, stunted expansion, and ultimately resulted in subpar service.

Mute, play, and full screen
The federal government of Nigeria has recently taken action and addressed some of these fundamental problems, which is heartening, according to Okafor.
At the event, Charles Ebuebu, NBC’s director general and chief executive officer, spoke to reporters and said that the commission will look into the request of Nigerian pay satellite TV customers for pay-per-view services.
But he did promise to renegotiate the content providers’ existing contracts.

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