Protests Rally in Support of UK’s Peace Process APC

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The peace process has allegedly been derailed by Tunde Doherty and his allies, according to a coalition of All Progressives Congress United Kingdom stakeholders. Doherty is an interim committee leader.

The coalition has issued a statement through its spokesperson, Marcus Ayodele, warning of potential threats to the current peace process in the United Kingdom. The statement follows Doherty’s covert visit to the APC headquarters in Abuja, where he filed nomination and interest papers for executive positions at the APC UK Elective Congress, the date of which is still to be announced.

According to Ayodele, Doherty’s action anticipates the NWC and APC UK stakeholders’ yet-to-be-agreed-upon strategies, timelines, and procedures.

He brought up the fact that the NWC-established interim committee has only met once, which raises questions about how well that serves as a basis for the congress. He also mentioned that Doherty’s portrayal of the visit as showing unity has been criticized for sending a misleading and questionable signal.

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