Empowering and Supporting Women: Wema Bank’s Commitment

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Women need to be included and treated fairly in the workplace, according to Moruf Oseni, managing director/chief executive officer of Wema Bank Plc.

At the Wema Bank International Women’s Day event in Lagos over the weekend, titled “Empowerment through finance,” he made the statement.

To achieve gender parity in the workplace, he said, everyone needs to pull together, and Wema Bank will keep actively promoting and supporting women.

He claims that the bank lent out N8.9 billion without collateral and backed women-owned businesses in Nigeria.

Let’s discuss the women’s offerings and why it’s necessary to commit to them in this advertisement. Why should we assist women? That should be our first topic of discussion. Having this in place is crucial. No aeroplane that I’ve ever seen can fly just on its right wing.

Making sure women can feel welcome and valued at work is a top priority. We are quite methodical at Wema Bank when it comes to hiring women.

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