Find a Dishwasher Quickly at Combine Cafe & Bar, 9873 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC (Part-time or Full-time Available).

Find a Dishwasher Quickly at Combine Cafe & Bar, 9873 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC (Part-time or Full-time Available).

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In the middle of Surrey’s bustling city center sits Combine Cafe & Bar, an interesting and lively eating experience where you can join the culinary adventure. Combine is more than simply a restaurant; it is a component of Locale, a brand new luxury rental building in Century City.

At Combine Cafe & Bar, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind dining experience with our made-to-order cafe and lunch options during the day, our sharing dishes inspired by world cuisine in the evening, and our carefully selected wine and beverage list.

In fact, Combine Cafe & Bar is an ode to the local culture, history, and innovation, serving as more than simply a restaurant. Our carefully selected cuisine mirrors the variety and vitality of Surrey City Centre, and our location is meant to embrace the local landscape.

What makes us the perfect team for you to join?

Combine provides its employees with a welcoming and supportive work environment, a generous benefits package that includes a competitive salary and tips, health insurance, discounted meals, a program to help employees and their families, a work-life balance, and opportunities to grow professionally through training and education. Century network is a varied network of enterprises that offers career progression opportunities in the hospitality industry and beyond. Join our fantastic company culture and find your next career step by applying today!

Summary of Responsibility

It is the head chef to whom the Combine Cafe & Bar Dishwasher will answer. Among the many functions of the dishwasher is the cleaning of cookware, including dishes, pans, and silverware. By following established protocols for cleaning and sanitation, this position guarantees that all work areas are kept neat and tidy at all times. The dishwasher at Combine Cafe & Bar is very methodical, efficient with their work, and follows all protocols for keeping food safe. In the back of the house, you can’t have our dishwasher without it. The Dishwasher’s upbeat and enthusiastic attitude will fit right in with the Combine Cafe & Bar team’s goal of achieving excellence in everything that we do.

Primary Responsibilities

Everything in the kitchen needs to be washed, including the dishes, platters, basket, flatware, cookware, cutlery, and any glass or ceramicware.
Washing down the kitchen floor and all of the built-in fridge.
Maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen in accordance with provincial regulations through general cleaning and general contribution.
Reporting problems with the cleaning, sanitizing, and washing equipment to the head or sous chef.
Fundamentals of working with fresh produce, include washing, peeling, chopping, and transforming.
Taking pride in what they’ve accomplished.
Upholding standards of professionalism and punctuality.
Always have a positive attitude and work together as a team at the restaurant.
Carries out additional responsibilities as given by the Head Chef and Sous Chef.
Prior Learning and Work History

Certificate of completion for high school.
It would be a plus if you had the Food Safe Level certification.
One year of experience required in a commercial kitchen.
Eligibility to work in Canada is a requirement.
Competencies and Strengths
Having experience washing dishes before would be a plus.
Behave in a safe and healthy manner.
Must exude warmth and friendliness.
Shows a lot of passion and dedication to his job.
In early Spring of 2024, you will be able to visit Combine Cafe & Bar. In order to join our team, apply today.

Based on our needs for the role, our hiring experts will evaluate your skills and background. In the middle to later part of January 2024, we will be contacting those who have been shortlisted in order to assemble our remarkable team.

Postings of New Opportunities A large number of people are being considered for dishwasher positions at O’Rourke’s Peak Cellars in Kelowna, British Columbia.
Meanwhile, feel free to explore our website or follow us on social media to discover more about our firm and its principles. Your interest in our team is greatly appreciated, and we wish you the best of luck in your career search.

Important Duties and Obligations

Consistently fill the kitchen and food service areas with clean and sanitary dishes, utensils, glasses, pots, and pans.
To make the most of the machine’s capacity and minimize breakage, sort, stack, and put soiled dishware onto dish racks in an organized way.
Maintain a safe and regulated operation while operating dishwashing equipment.
Distribute and store the dishware in its respective storage spaces after unloading, stacking, and sorting it.
All departments influencing the kitchen should be kept in the loop at all times.
Help the cooks prepare the food.

Make sure that the restaurant’s requirements for cleanliness and food safety are followed to the letter.
Maintain the utmost cleanliness in the dishwashing area and with the equipment at all times.
Maintain an upbeat and professional demeanor at all times.
Help keep the department’s goals in check and make sure they’re surpassed.
Aim to increase your understanding and contribute to the improvement of departmental standards by proposing novel concepts, ideas, and recommendations.
Carry out further related tasks as needed.
Always be cordial while interacting with any member of staff.


While no prior experience is strictly necessary, it would be an asset if you have washed dishes in a business or restaurant setting before.
Needs to be very organized and good at managing one’s time.
Capacity to remain composed, professional, and in charge when faced with challenging or stressful circumstances.
The capacity to express oneself verbally and in writing in the English language.
WHMIS Certification is necessary and can be acquired upon employment.
It is possible to get the necessary Food Safe Certification in the first 30 days of enrolling.
Capable of standing for long durations and lifting objects weighing up to fifty pounds.
I am 18 years old because I need to be able to work past midnight.
For a dishwasher, what are the most essential abilities and traits?

Doing a good job as a dishwasher calls for a certain set of abilities and personality traits. Some essential traits and abilities for a dishwasher include:

Maintaining your balance while standing for lengthy amounts of time and lifting heavy utensils or trays is a physical requirement of dishwashing. Maintaining one’s physical fitness to meet the challenges of the profession requires a high level of stamina and endurance.

Successful time management is essential for dishwashers because of the fast-paced nature of their work and the necessity to juggle numerous tasks at once. They are able to maintain a constant supply of clean dishes, utensils, and kitchen equipment because they are adept at managing their time effectively.
Careful Attention to Detail: Dishwashers need to be very careful to get every item clean and germ-free. Carefully removing food stains, residues, and grease is essential, as is making ensuring that no filthy utensils or plates are left unattended.

Manual Dexterity: Being able to handle delicate goods, navigate congested kitchen environments, and use dishwashing equipment efficiently all require excellent manual dexterity. Among these abilities include the ability to arrange plates, load and unload trays, and handle sharp objects with care.
Capacity to Follow Directions: Dishwashers are expected to adhere to the precise cleaning protocols, sensitive item handling instructions, and organizational policies provided by kitchen staff or supervisors. It is critical to have good comprehension and execution skills.

Having the aforementioned abilities and attributes will help you succeed and be appreciated as a dishwasher, even though formal schooling or particular certifications aren’t necessarily necessary for the position.

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