Job Opportunities at Horseshoe Resort in Barrie, Ontario

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WHO WE ARE: Here at Horseshoe Resort, we take great pride in the exceptional service that our colleagues provide to our valued customers. Our crew is passionate about serving others and enjoys what we do.

If you are a skilled hospitality professional or recreational enthusiast, Horseshoe Resort is always on the hunt for new team members.

We are searching for someone that is extroverted, sociable, who loves adventure and the great outdoors.

Overview of the Role

Assisting the kitchen staff with basic meal preparation, keeping the kitchen clean, and organizing the kitchen are all responsibilities of the kitchen porter.

Job Functions and Accountabilities:

Show up wearing your name tag and the appropriate footwear. fifteen minutes prior to the start of your shift
Before putting dishes in the washing machine, give them a quick rinse. Separate silverware and wash them separately.

Make an effort to maintain a clean dish area.
Be sure to empty and switch off the dishwasher before your shift ends.
Regular cleaning and emptying of garbage cans is necessary to prevent bags from ripping and getting too heavy to put in.

Please do not step on trash that has fallen to the floor; instead, pick it up when you see it.
Put away the dishes as soon as possible.
As stated in the Horseshoe Resort Health & Safety Policy, you must adhere to all health and safety protocols in addition to the basic standards.

Complete all tasks assigned by the Health and Safety Committee.
Maintain a safe working environment in accordance with the Horseshoe Resort Health and Safety Policy.
Efficiently and promptly carry out all assigned tasks in line with company policy and procedure.
Maintain an attitude of friendliness, efficiency, respect, and courtesy toward all guests and staff at all times.
Never do anything alone.

Behave professionally at all times.
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Skills Required:

Ability to work well with little oversight is a must.
Capacity to work under pressure Capacity to perform actions that require bending and twisting
Strong enough to lift 25–50 pounds consistently.
Weekends, holidays, and night shifts are required.
Every Team Member’s Benefits
Acquire knowledge while having a good time

Access to the resort’s many amenities, including the pool, gym, Nordic trails, snow tubing, and alpine lifts, is complimentary.

Restaurant, hotel, and retail price reductions

Make new friends and contribute to a winning team

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