Sunrise Senior Living in Markham, Ontario is seeking a part-time lead personal support worker (PSW).

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The folks at Sunrise make it the greatest workplace I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. We take pride in providing high-quality service in a warm and welcoming setting.

Making sure the resident is taken care of is our first priority. That is really refreshing to me.

Rising Star

The Lead Care Manager is responsible for supervising a team of “Designated Care Managers” and Care Managers during the shift. Each resident’s individualized service plan (ISP) and Sunrise standards must be followed in order for the Lead Care Manager to guarantee that residents in our care neighborhoods receive consistent, high-quality care and services.

As a leader in all aspects of their role, the Lead Care Manager may be required to work irregular hours, including, but not limited to, weekends and holidays.

The Most Important Duties:

Take attendance at the start of each shift, handle no-shows and call-offs, provide opening shift announcements, and react to requests for shifts as a supervisor.
Assist members of the care team in carrying out the services and care required to perform ADLs for residents as outlined in their ISPs.

Personal and dental hygiene, toilet and bladder functions, dressing, hair care, accompanying residents to and from meals and activities, and room tidying are all part of this.

Assist team members in the pursuit of residents’ individual and meaningful engagement in activities of daily living (ADLs) and life enrichment programs.
Help with serving meals in the dining area. Train your staff to provide excellent service to customers while they eat.
Make sure that the care and services given to residents are recorded accurately. Look over the paperwork kept by the care manager as you work. Help team members fill in documentation gaps by providing them with coaching
Make sure everyone at Sunrise follows the rules when it comes to keeping track of time and taking breaks. Ensure that care managers are punching in and out using the correct work codes; monitor the duration and scheduling of team members’ breaks. As needed, coach team members

Work extra shifts, holidays, and evenings when needed to show that you can be flexible with your schedule and urge others to do the same.

Get the resident group assignments in advance of the care managers’ arrival so you can be ready for your shift. Get the daily task sheets printed and sent to the right people on the team.
Share and receive relevant information from other Lead Care Managers during crossover meetings.
Take up a resident group assignment when working overnight hours and fill in when day or evening shifts are filled to capacity.

Additional Duties

Competent in multiple areas and able to appropriately give medications in the event of an emergency, whether due to a surge of patients or an unanticipated absence

When it comes to punching in and out and taking pauses for meals and rest, set a good example.
Take part in pre-interview activities such as viewing a video about the position and a tour of the neighborhood
Assist with new hire orientation by providing opportunities for shadowing and skill display.
Keep everyone on the premises, including employees, residents, and visitors, safe by adhering to all applicable safety regulations and providing strong support for existing safety programs.

Please promptly report any incidences and complete the necessary paperwork.
Notify the department’s care coordinator of any change in a resident’s condition when noticed or suspected; lend a hand to care coordinators in creating and updating individual service plans (ISPs) and contacting with families as needed.

Collaborate with your team to find solutions to problems and handle conflicts as they arise. When concerns arise, it is important to inform the department’s care coordinator.
Participate in the yearly performance review of the care manager by offering comments to the department’s care coordinator.
Through your words, deeds, and attire, convey an image that is pleasant, professional, and approachable.

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