Thermo Fisher Scientific in Burlington, Ontario is hiring a material handler

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Working at Thermo Fisher Scientific will lead you to do important work that has an effect on people all over the world. Help our customers make the world a better, cleaner, and safer place by joining our colleagues in fulfilling our Mission every day. In order to assist solve some of the world’s most pressing problems—such as preserving the environment, guaranteeing the safety of our food supply, or discovering a treatment for cancer—we equip our worldwide teams with the tools they need to advance professionally while also contributing to scientific advancement.

What is the best way to reach this location?

While not strictly necessary, this role would be well-suited to someone with zero to one year of relevant training and/or expertise in business operations pertaining to distribution or receiving.
You need at least a high school diploma to apply.
Ability to organize and prioritize daily tasks is essential for meeting shipment requirements.
Must have strong verbal and writing communication skills to effectively convey requirements to vendors, marketing, and customer service.

Create strong partnerships with outside departments and vendors.
Capacity to assist in the resolution of realistic transportation-related issues and to handle a wide range of scenarios for which no definite course of action exists.
Able to understand and follow a wide range of directions provided in text, voice, visual, or timetable format.

Someone with this level of analytical prowess will be able to see when things aren’t quite right and provide evidence to back up a call for change.
Capable of working accurately and efficiently under pressure to meet tight deadlines.
It may be necessary to stay late at the end of each accounting period in particular to ensure that all daily shipment documentation is finished.

Possess strong presenting abilities, both verbal and written, to effectively convey ideas and processes to superiors and coworkers. Superb ability to stay organized.
Possessing proficiency in Oracle E1, Word, and Excel is an advantage. Possession of a current Power Lift Equipment License, as well as certification from WHMIS and IATA, is necessary.
Necessary Physical Conditions:

All employees are required to meet the physical demands listed above in order to carry out their job duties effectively. To ensure that individuals with disabilities can carry out the fundamental functions, reasonable adjustments can be made. Standing and walking are commonplace tasks that employees must complete while working in this position. Boxes weighing up to 30 pounds may need to be moved by the person.

A lot of their time will be devoted to typing out documents, entering data into spreadsheets, and responding to emails. Over the course of a 10-hour shift, you’ll be on your feet for eight of those hours. Material must be moved throughout the warehouse by operating power lift equipment. Being able to select orders in different temperatures is crucial. Temperatures can drop as low as-20 degrees Celsius, with ambient temperatures falling somewhere in the middle.

We will not rest until we help our clients achieve their goal of a cleaner, safer, and healthier planet. See how our coworkers list five benefits of collaborating with us. Accelerating research, solving complex scientific challenges, driving technological innovation, and supporting patients in need are all part of our shared set of values as one global team of 100,000 people. Our values are Integrity, Intensity, Innovation, and Involvement. Join Thermo Fisher Scientific and #BeginYourStory in an environment that values diversity of thought, background, and experience.

Postings of New Opportunities Looking for a Material Handler in the Nepean, ON Area? Apply Now at Safety Kleen, a Division of Clean Harbors!
When applying for the position of material handler, what traits and abilities are most valued?
There are a number of attributes and abilities that are necessary for success in the position of Material Handler.

Listed below are a few essential traits and abilities:

Having the physical stamina to lift, handle, and move large things or packages is a common requirement in material handling. To manage the rigorous physical demands of the job, one must possess physical strength and endurance.

Operating forklifts and other heavy gear is a common need in many material handling occupations. The ability to operate forklifts safely is an essential skill for this position.
Material handlers require a high level of organization and meticulousness in order to keep accurate records, track inventories, and find specific things. Efficient and error-free material handling requires a person to be well-organized and meticulous.

Effective Time Management: Material Handlers frequently face demanding time constraints. The ability to work efficiently, set priorities, and manage one’s time well is crucial for this position.
Material handlers need strong communication skills because they work closely with clients, vendors, and other team members.

To effectively convey information, coordinate operations, and resolve problems, one must possess strong communication skills.
Keep in mind that the sector, employer, and nature of the work itself will determine the exact set of talents and attributes needed for a Material Handler position. To fully grasp the employer’s expectations, it’s wise to go over the job description or speak with them directly.

What kind of training and credentials are needed to work as a material handler?
Employers and industries have different educational requirements for material handler jobs. Some employers prefer or demand candidates with advanced degrees or certifications, while others may be satisfied with a high school certificate or its equivalent.

The following are examples of typical prerequisites and certifications:

A high school diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED) is often required for material handling jobs. Proficient in reading, writing, arithmetic, and communicating at this level of schooling.
Candidates with a background in logistics, supply chain management, or warehouse operations may find more favor with some organizations. Participation in these programs will equip you with industry-specific expertise.

In many cases, new Material Handlers receive their training on the job. Typical topics covered in such training include proper equipment use, safety procedures, and inventory management system use.

Employers frequently seek for or favor applicants who possess a current forklift certification when the position calls for the use of forklifts or other motorized industrial trucks. Training on safe forklift operating is typically provided by third-party organizations through certification programs.
Material Handlers in businesses that deal with chemicals or medicines, for example, may be required by their employers to hold certificates that address the safe handling and transportation of these substances. Proper handling practices and adherence to safety rules are guaranteed by these certifications.

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