Linde Canada Inc. is hiring in Red Deer, Alberta

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You will be a part of a varied and talented team at Medigas, the healthcare business of Linde Canada, Inc., where we all strive to improve our clients’ lives and achieve organizational success.

At this early stage in your career, you will be trusted with responsibility and will strive to support, develop, and implement programs that are client-focused and demanding.

All of these groups—our clients, our communities, and our shareholders—benefit greatly from the work that our workers do.

When it comes to respiratory services, medical gases, home oxygen therapy, and associated medical equipment, Medigas has been at the forefront of Canada’s healthcare industry since the late 1960s.

Our dedication to improving people’s lives and standing behind the medical experts who make it possible drives everything that we do.

Visit the website to learn more about the business and the services it offers.

Medigas is one of the top industrial gas and engineering firms in the world, and every day is a chance to learn, grow, share in success, and make a difference.

Take advantage of this chance: join our team and go forward with us.

Full-Time Healthcare Professional in Red Deer, Alberta

Main Objective

Assessing, educating, documenting, and following up to guarantee equipment performance and client compliance are all responsibilities of the healthcare professional who is responsible for initiating prescribed respiratory therapy in either the Medigas office or the client’s home.

An essential component of the position is promoting Medigas’s offerings to referral sources, which may include educational in-services for the medical and healthcare communities.

Primary Responsibilities

Assess, educate, document, and follow up with clients to ensure equipment performance and therapy compliance while administering prescribed respiratory therapy in the comfort of their own homes.
Heavy lifting of up to sixty pounds may be required for equipment deliveries and exchanges at clients’ residences.
Traveling great distances may be necessary for in-home customer appointments.
Meetings with patients undergoing sleep and oxygen therapy

Work with a variety of community organizations to provide in-service training on respiratory equipment.
Marketing goods and services to those who can recommend them.
Establish and keep strong relationships with clients and referrals
Maintain a safe work environment at all times; Assist with the onboarding, training, and development of new staff members as required

Take part in a scheduled rotation of on-call duties
Pivot Furniture is currently hiring for the position of order picker/packer in Canada. Interested parties should have the following qualifications:

Training Therapist for Respiratory Conditions

Working knowledge

Preferably has at least two years of relevant work experience
A strong set of knowledge, skills, and abilities in homecare and sales

Superb communication and customer service abilities
Capacity to multitask and set priorities Detail-oriented and results-focused
Ability to operate quickly and effectively under pressure; dedication to customer and employee safety is essential.
Protect the privacy of your clients.

A thorough background investigation is required by Linde and may involve, among other things, a study of the applicant’s criminal history, a pre-employment physical, and verification of their previous work and educational credentials.

When it comes to accommodating individuals with impairments, Linde Canada Inc. is unwavering. It is advised that applicants who may require accomodation throughout the selection and recruitment process communicate their needs in advance.

No matter what you require, we can accommodate you.

Women, indigenous peoples, members of visible minorities, and people with impairments will have equal employment opportunity. We welcome applications from those who identify with these categories.

We will hire the best person for the job regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, country of origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

Business Summary

With $33 billion in revenues in 2022, Linde is a world-renowned leader in industrial gases and engineering. Every day, we fulfill our purpose of increasing global productivity by delivering first-rate products, services, and solutions that boost our clients’ bottom lines while reducing their environmental impact.

Among the many end markets that the firm caters to are those for chemicals and refining, food and beverage, electronics, healthcare, primary metals, and manufacturing.

Life-saving oxygen for hospitals, high-purity and specialty gases for electronics manufacturing, hydrogen for clean fuels, and a myriad of other uses are just a few of the many industrial gases produced by Linde.

To aid with client growth, efficiency gains, and emission reductions, Linde offers cutting-edge gas processing systems.

Visit the website to learn more about the business and the services it offers.

Every day is a new chance for Linde employees to develop professionally, make a difference at one of the most prestigious engineering and industrial gas companies in the world, and share in the company’s successes.

Take advantage of this chance: join our team and go forward with us.

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