Jobs Openings At Horseshoe Resort – Barrie, Ontario

Opportunities for Employment at the Horseshoe Resort in Barrie, Ontario

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WHO WE ARE: Here at Horseshoe Resort, we are a group of people who take great pride in the service that our coworkers provide to our visitors. We are a team that enjoys offering assistance to others.

There is a constant need for skilled individuals to join our expanding staff of hospitality experts and leisure enthusiasts, and Horseshoe Resort is continuously recruiting for these individuals.

There is a possibility that you are the individual we are seeking for if you are outgoing, pleasant, and have a passion for adventure and the outdoors.

Summary of the Position

It is the responsibility of the Kitchen Porter to provide assistance to the culinary crew by ensuring that the kitchen is clean, keeping the organization of the kitchen, and also providing assistance with basic food preparation when it is required.

Responsibilities and obligations include the following:

Arrive wearing a uniform, a name badge, and shoes that are appropriate. fifteen minutes prior to the time that your shift is scheduled to start
Before putting the dishes through the washing machine, make sure to rinse them. Sort and rinse the cutlery before washing it.

It is important to maintain a clean dish area.
Just before the conclusion of the shift, empty and turn off the dishwasher.

The garbage cans should be cleaned and emptied on a regular basis in order to prevent the bags from becoming torn and becoming too heavy to be thrown into the garbage cans.
Do not pass by garbage that is lying on the floor; instead, pick it up the very first time you see it. The floor must be maintained clean at all times.
As soon as time permits, empty the dish cart.

As indicated in the Horseshoe Resort Health and Safety Policy, it is imperative that you adhere to not only the basic regulations but also all of the Health and Safety protocols.
In order to fully comply with the requests made by the Health and Safety Committee, you should work,

Maintain a safe working environment in accordance with the Horseshoe Resort Health and Safety, which outlines the obligations of workers.

All of your obligations and responsibilities must be carried out in a timely and effective manner, in accordance with the policies and procedures that have been established here.
Maintain a respectful, courteous, productive, and kind demeanor toward the visitor at all times, as well as toward all resort staff.
At all times, act as a group.

Always maintain a professional demeanor in interactions with others.
Postings of the Most Recent Opportunities At this time, the Pilot Company is looking for multiple candidates to fill the position of Deli Production Team Member in Shuniah, Ontario.

Aspects that qualify:

The ability to perform well with little or no supervision is required.
Capability to keep oneself calm under pressure Capability to carry out jobs that involve repetitive motions such as bending and twisting

should be physically fit and to be able to lift between 25 and 50 pounds.
It is required that you are available to work evenings, weekends, and holidays.
The Benefits Available to Each and Every Member of the Team
Develop your skills in a setting that is enjoyable.

Free admission to the resort pass; includes access to the alpine lift, snow tubing, Nordic trail pass, pool, and gym, among other amenities!

Reductions in hotel, retail, and dining establishments

You will get to know new individuals and work with a fantastic team.

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