Reasons We’re Fighting For A Living Wage, According to the House Minority Leader

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The 42-lawmaker group’s demand for a decent salary for Nigerian employees has been endorsed by the House opposition leader, Hon. Kingsley Chinda.

The legislator, who was born in Rivers State, was one of forty-one representatives from the 36 federal states and Abuja who last introduced a living wage bill in the House.

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No lawmaker in Nigeria today is happy about the country’s position,” Chinda added, elaborating on the motion’s purpose. This is why we are fighting for a minimum salary that all workers in Nigeria can afford. The worker cannot go home with the take-home salary. The recent developments have deeply unsettled us.

The expense of living has been hit hard by the country’s increasing inflation rate, he added, because of the galloping inflation that affects every part of life.

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The living wage for an individual Nigerian was reported to be N43,200 per month in 2018 (as captured in the motion), while the living wage for a Nigerian family was N137,600 (this is before subsidies were removed),” Chinda stated.

Right now, no worker in Nigeria can make ends meet on less than N100,000 per month, in his opinion.

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