At 1160 Monaghan Road, Peterborough, ON, BWX Technologies is looking for a Quality Technician with experience in the nuclear industry for a one-year contract

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Every endeavor at BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Inc. is devoted to the highest standards of quality. In the domestic and international markets, BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada (BWXT NEC) has established an exceptional reputation for providing CANDU reactors with nuclear fuel, fuel handling equipment, and support. We owe our success to the dedication of our staff, customers, quality assurance, and environmental, health, and safety programs.

We are seeking a Quality Technician specializing in the nuclear industry for a one-year contract position in our Peterborough, Ontario office. Quality, Environmental Health and Safety, and Operational Excellence are our utmost commitments at BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Inc. (BWXT NEC). Our dedication to our employees and our products is what makes us successful.

Required Skills:

Additional education beyond high school, preferably a diploma or degree in engineering, quality technology, or a related field.
Possess a background in the application and interpretation of standards such as ISO 9001:2000, CSA Z299 Series, ASME Sec. III, and CSA N285.0.
Proficiency in reading and understanding various types of technical documentation, including drawings, purchase orders, etc.
Possess a solid grasp of quality program basics or have worked as a quality assurance professional for at least three years.

Skilled at using Microsoft Office products.
Acquired understanding of best procedures in procurement.
A fundamental understanding of dimensional inspection methods, weld inspection, and non-destructive examination reports (such as RT, UT LP, MP, etc.).

Experience in product, process, or equipment qualification is preferred, but QA planning for inspections and tests is acceptable.

Impressive ability to convey ideas clearly and work well with others.
No one can become a Nuclear Energy Worker (NEW) without first passing a series of medical tests.

Competent in handling multiple tasks simultaneously in a high-pressure setting.
Excellent people skills.
Keeps meticulous records.
Collaborate well with nuclear inspectors, customer representatives, and engineering teams.

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