The Wynndel, British Columbia, Location of Canfor’s Newest Production Job Opening

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If you are interested in joining our sawmill production facility, we are seeking someone like you—a motivated team player. Maintaining a safe and efficient work environment is second nature to you.

Those who are hired for this entry-level role will get training as they work. Rapid promotion to higher-paying positions and professional advancement opportunities are available to production staff.

If you feel this way, you may have found your true calling at our WynnWood Sawmill in Wynnde l, BC.

You will have the opportunity to collaborate with industry heavyweights and think creatively as you work for a pioneer in the forest products sector.

Mental and physical endurance, focus, and situational awareness are all essential for this position. Industrial machinery, mobile equipment, and conveyor belts will be your constant companions while you work.

Among the many things you’ll be responsible for as a production worker are:

Cleanup efforts at the site necessitated shovelling, lifting, and hauling boards and debris under poor weather conditions.
Performing a variety of duties and tasks within your designated area of the manufacturing facility on a rotating basis.

Go over everything to make sure it’s correct and precise. Keeping to timetables to ensure accurate production tracking. Bring everything back on track by analyzing, troubleshooting, and communicating with your team lead and maintenance using your knowledge, abilities, and expertise.

Contributing to a safe workplace for employees, clients, and site visitors is someone’s obligation.

What you’ll need to succeed in this position are:

Prioritizing safety
Able to stand for long periods of time, walk, shovel, climb stairs, bend, and lift up to 50 lbs.; also capable of performing repetitive manual chores.
Working knowledge of and comfort around various types of machinery and equipment is preferred but not required.
Proficient in working in a team and able to coordinate efforts with others
Pay rate for this position is $24.08/hour; required skills include a high level of concentration and promptness.

The salary listed is only for the basic salary. Canfor is pleased to provide its employees with a competitive total rewards package that includes compensation as well as other benefits.

It includes both monetary and non-monetary programs, including health and wellness, retirement and savings alternatives, paid leave, and employer-funded group benefits.

Additionally, we are committed to supporting our talent’s growth and development so that they can achieve both professional and personal success. Most importantly, we take great pride in providing our employees with a value proposition that encourages diversity, equity, and inclusion while also creating a setting that values and rewards excellence.

Make sure to mark off each and every item on the list. At Canfor, we value a good match for our company more than a rigid set of requirements.

Postings of New Opportunities Numerous individuals are being considered for the position of production worker at GDI, located at 388 Goodyear Road in Greater Napanee, Ontario.
We welcome applications from those whose experiences do not necessarily coincide.

By putting individuals first, we ensure their safety, celebrate diversity, and honor their individuality. When it comes to our efficiency, originality, innovation, and ability to stay ahead of the competition, we think that diversity and inclusion are paramount.

Qualifications and experience play a significant role in our equal and fair hiring process.

Thank you to everyone who applied; however, we will be in touch with interviewees exclusively. Behavioral evaluations, reference checks, and criminal background checks are some of the screening procedures that we use in our continuous hiring process for different positions and locations.

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In your opinion, what are the most crucial traits and abilities of a production worker?

When it comes to making things, the manufacturing and production processes rely heavily on the efforts of production personnel. They should have a mix of important traits and abilities to do a good job in this position. These are a few key ones:

1. Technical Competence: People who work in manufacturing must have the ability to use a wide range of tools, machines, and equipment that are specialized to their job.

2. Pay Close Attention: Accuracy and precision are key in production to guarantee that items are up to par.

3. Physical stamina: Being able to stand for long hours, handle large objects, and do repetitive tasks without becoming tired is crucial for this work.

4. Manual Dexterity: Operating machinery and handling small components requires good hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities.

5. Safety Awareness: Making safety a top priority is essential for a manufacturing workplace free of accidents and injuries. Wearing the appropriate PPE and following all established safety procedures is paramount.

Workers in production who exhibit these traits are more likely to aid in the company’s ability to reach production goals without sacrificing product quality.

In order to work as a production worker, what kind of training and credentials are needed?

In most cases, a high school diploma or its equivalent is sufficient for entry-level employment in production. Training is typically provided on the job for most production worker occupations, which are considered entry-level. The good news is that you may boost your employability and career prospects in this industry by acquiring specific qualifications and honing specific abilities. What follows is essential information:

Academic preparation:

A high school diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED) is typically required for entry-level production worker roles.
Vocational Training (Optional): Although it is not required, acquiring skills and knowledge in vocational training programs like manufacturing, industrial technology, or production operations can greatly benefit your career. Potentially useful vocational programs are offered by community colleges and technical institutes.

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