At FuelCell Energy, located at 4852 52 Street SE in Calgary, AB, we are looking for a production member for the day shift

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When it comes to hydrogen production and carbon-free electricity generation, no one does it better than FuelCell Energy. A world run on renewable energy is our ultimate goal. The world’s only technology that can simultaneously capture carbon from an external source and produce power belongs to FuelCell Energy, an innovator and manufacturer of fuel cell clean power systems. Also, our technology is the only one of its kind that can generate electricity, water, and hydrogen all at once.

Weekdays from 7 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon is the day shift.

To summarize, it is the Production Member’s job to maximize productivity and quality while producing FuelCells in accordance with the work instructions, timetable, and allotted hours.

Among the many responsibilities that will fall under this umbrella are:

Finalize the FuelCell manufacturing process per the guidelines provided by the organization.
Facilitating the discovery of novel manufacturing procedures by the research and development group
Maintain consistency and meet quality requirements by conducting thorough inspections of products on a regular basis.

Put items on or take them off the assembly line.
Maintain and sanitize manufacturing machinery.
Check the equipment on a regular basis to make sure it is running well.
Keep meticulous and precise records of production.
Back up your teammates

Follows all of the company’s protocols, which include quality and safety standards.
Other responsibilities as needed
Proficiency and Abilities

Equivalent to a high school diploma or its combination with work experience
Possessing at least one year of relevant work experience in a manufacturing setting is a plus.
Skill in following processes, evaluating goods, and completing paperwork
Must be open to receiving cross-training as needed
Essential computing abilities
Attention to detail

Reliable workmanship
Capability to operate both individually and in a team setting with minimal oversight
Conditions on the Job

Personal protective equipment is necessary in a variety of workplaces, including factories, warehouses, offices, and research and development facilities.
The workweek consists of forty hours.
Achieving a fifty-pound weight limit
Moving from a seated position to a standing one, kneeling down, ultimately walking
No matter your background, you will be welcome at FuelCell Energy, an equal opportunity company that prioritizes a safe and welcoming workplace.

Competitive pay and a full benefits package are on the table at FuelCell.

Verification of employment, education, and criminal history will be part of the process for the chosen candidate.

As a member of the production team, what are the most crucial abilities and traits to have?

The manufacturing and production process relies heavily on the contributions of the production team members, who must work together to keep the production line running smoothly and efficiently. In order to be successful in this position, you must possess the following traits:

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1. Technical Competence: Everyone on the production crew needs to be an expert with the gear, tools, and machinery that pertain to their job.

2. Teamwork: For production processes to run well, it is essential for team members to collaborate and communicate effectively with one another.

3. Time Management: Being able to effectively manage one’s time is crucial for meeting production targets and staying on schedule.

4. Pay Close Attention: Accuracy and precision are key to making sure items are up to par.

Fifthly, you should be physically capable of standing for long periods of time, moving large objects, and carrying out repetitive duties.

6. Safety Awareness: Making safety a top priority is essential for a manufacturing environment free of accidents and injuries. It is essential to use PPE and follow all safety procedures.

Having these traits and abilities allows production team members to make a positive impact on the manufacturing process, which in turn helps the organization fulfill production goals, create high-quality goods, and keep employees safe.

What kind of training and credentials does one need to join the Production Team?

In most cases, a high school diploma or its equivalent is sufficient for entry-level positions on production teams. The majority of roles in production teams are entry-level and offer training as you go. But you may improve your chances of getting a job and moving up the ladder in this industry by getting a few credentials and honing a few specific talents. Let me tell you what’s important:

Level of education:

A high school diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED) is typically required as the minimum educational qualification for roles within the production team.

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