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Following all applicable AHS policies and procedures, your primary responsibility as a Food Service I will be to carry out a wide range of mundane but necessary food preparation duties. Cleaning and sanitizing equipment, dishes, tables, and serving areas are also part of your regular job description. Other responsibilities may include preparing food according to recipes and standards, serving patients and clients, and packing and portioning food products.

Usage: Food preparation The AUPE GSS Unit and Program is responsible for patient food services.
Major Site: High River
Particulars of the Site: According to the Site
“Multi-Site” Does Not Apply
Field Test Evaluated: 0.68

Available Date: 20-FEB-2024 Short-Term Feb 23, 2025 is the last day
Work Hours: 5.50 and 3.75
Six weeks’ worth of shifts every cycle equals thirty shifts Timetable: Weekdays, Nights, and Weekends

Time Off: Rotationally
An entry-level wage of $18.36
Earnings Cap: $20.02
This vehicle does not meet the requirements.
Criteria for Eligibility:

Having completed 10th grade or its equivalent. Have the necessary physical strength to lift up to 46 pounds of food, supplies, and equipment, and to push or pull meal carts weighing up to 250 pounds. Standing and walking about all day long is a requirement of this job.

Notable Extra Requirements:

Within the last three years, you must have worked as a cook in either a commercial or residential setting for at least a year (alternative combinations of these types of experience may also be considered). Proficiency in food inventory management, including the following tasks: keeping track of when perishable goods expire, refilling food and cleaning supplies, minimizing food waste, and utilizing the FIFO principle. Competence and ease in the use of common and specialized kitchen appliances,

including but not limited to: dishwashers, stoves, ovens, microwaves, and following recipes. Professionalism and competence in maintaining clean, orderly, and sanitary work areas. Possessing strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills in English for use in formal settings. Capacity to work both independently and as part of a team while simultaneously following instructions from management and supervisors.

Capacity to adhere to standard procedures yet displaying adaptability as needed. Basic familiarity with email (Outlook), word processing (Word), and searching the internet (Search).

Qualifications Preferred:

Advanced placement (AP) or equivalent (GED) required. Certification for Food Safety. The WHMIS training must be completed.
Which traits and abilities are essential for someone working as a food service attendant?

Several traits and abilities are necessary for success in the role of food service attendant. A few key ones are these:

Service to Customers: Customer service must be a top priority. In order to provide clients with a pleasant dining experience and meet their demands, food service attendants should be very communicative and have strong interpersonal skills.

Detail-Orientedness: In the food service industry, detail-orientedness is paramount. Attendants are expected to adhere to strict standards of sanitation and hygiene, accurately portion meals, and follow all recipes.

When attending to clients, they should also keep in mind any food allergies or restrictions.
Effective time management is essential for food service attendants because of the high volume of duties they are required to do in a short amount of time. Their ability to efficiently manage their time allows them to prioritize jobs, guarantee prompt service, and keep workflow running smoothly.

Flexibility: Due to the ever-changing nature of the industry and the expectations of its customers, the food service sector is notoriously difficult to forecast. The ability to quickly and easily react to new circumstances is essential for food service attendants, who often face unexpected rush hours, changes to the menu, and other obstacles.
Working together as a team is essential, so make sure to consult with your fellow attendants, cooks, and chefs.

To guarantee excellent service, food service attendants should have strong teamwork, communication, and assistance skills.
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With these traits and abilities, food service attendants can provide guests with first-rate service, keep the restaurant clean and safe, and make their dining experience memorable.

In order to work as a food service attendant, what kind of training and credentials are needed?

There is no universally accepted minimum level of education for food service attendant positions; rather, it varies from one business to another. A minimum educational requirement in many cases is a high school diploma or its equivalent. Even However, a high school graduation is not always required for employment, especially for entry-level roles.

Although it’s not always required, having a degree or certification in food service might help you stand out from the competition and land a better job.

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