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Karlissa Saffold is the mother of the American hip-hop star, Blueface. She raised Blueface and his siblings as a single mother but is now married and based in Santa Clarita, California. Karlissa is a celebrity mother and is ever proud to be associated with Blueface.

In this post, we will know who Karlissa Saffold is, her children, her relationship status, her Instagram handle, and her net worth.

Who is Karlissa Saffold?

NameKarlissa Saffold
Date of BirthAugust 1972
Place of BirthGrove City, Ohio
Age50 Years
EducationWarren G Harding High School, the College of the Canyons
ChildrenAndre L. Harvey, Kali Miller, and Johnathan Jamall Porter
HusbandSterling Saffold
Height5 ft 7 inches
Place of ResidenceSanta Clarita, California
Net Worth$500,000

Karlissa Saffold was born in August 1972 and is 50 years old as of 2022. She hails from Ohio but migrated to California to pursue a career in TV. Karlissa started her career as a young actress at the age of 25. She completed her high school education at Warren G Harding High School before attending the College of the Canyons to study Marketing.

However, she deviated from her acting career and ended up getting married to Jonathan M Porter Sr., the biological father of Blueface. Apart from Blueface, she had two other children with him.

Eventually, Karlissa raised her children as a single mother due to the split from her husband. According to her, a good portion of her earnings was used to take care of the children. Of all her children, Blueface is the most popular.

Blueface Mother

On 20th January 1997, Karlissa gave birth to Blueface in Los Angeles, California. At birth, his name was Johnathan Jamall Porter but he adopted the name “Blueface” as his stage name or moniker. Due to the split and differences between his parents, Blueface went to different schools in the neighborhood.

First, he spent some of his childhood in the Mid-City area of Wes Los Angeles. At a point, he stayed with his mother, who was based in Santa Clarita Valley and also spent some time with his father, who was based in Oakland at that time.

According to Karlissa, Blueface has always been materialistic from birth. She used to give him a dollar to have a good time and enjoy himself. After seeing his potential, she believed he would be a football player.

While growing up, Blueface was a talented football player. When he moved in with his Dad, who enrolled him in Arleta High School, Blueface joined the school’s marching band and football team. In 2014, he played an important role in helping the team win the East Valley League Championship. His excellent performance endeared him to the heart of many colleges offering him football scholarships.

So, Karlissa believed that Blueface would be a football player, but surprisingly, he told her he wanted to be a rapper. She could have been astonished, but today, Blueface is a success in the music scene.

Personal Life

Not much information is known about Karlissa Saffold career and childhood. But we do know about her relationship with her children, especially with Jonathan Michael Porter and her grandson, Javaughn J. Porter. Besides Blueface, she has another son and a daughter whose names are the names of her other children, including Andre L. Harvey and Kai Miller.

Karlissa Saffold is actively involved in Blueface’s life. If you are a fan of Blueface, you will know this. She supported her son’s relationship with Chrisean Rock, who was arrested in Oklahoma after a state-crossing joyride. At that point, many thought that the relationship was over.

Karlissa Saffold slammed critics who condemned Blueface for reigniting his romance with Chrisean Malone. Many people believed that he was with her while Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of his son, hosted her baby shower.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have been displaying romance publicly without commitment. In April 2020, Karlissa confirmed the relation, but Blueface debunked her report. He disclosed that he is a single man and his mother doesn’t speak for him.

In July 2019, there was a feud in the family between Karlissa and Blueface. Karlissa and her daughter, Kali were kicked out of Blueface’s California home. Later, Karlissa apologized to Blueface after their feud got into the ears of the public.

According to Blueface’s sister, Karlissa’s luggage and other belongings were tossed outside the house by the hip-hop star after they were in a tug-of-war over the choice of his romantic partners. The feud was ignited after one of the rapper’s girlfriends allegedly refused to greet them. In the end, the mother apologized in a video.

Karlissa Saffold Husband

Karlissa Saffold Husband

Karlissa Saffold is currently married to Sterling Saffold, who is her second husband. The coupled got married in April 2016, and as of 2022, they will be married for six years. Her former husband, Mr. Porter, had split with her several years ago.

Karlissa’s husband, Sterling Saffold, is a native of Warren Ohio, and has his base in Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple has a home in Santa Clarity, California, where they reside.

Mr. Sterling attended Warren Western Reserve Warren in Ohio and studied at USMC and Columbus State. He worked at the Columbus Regional Airport Authority and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Karlissa Saffold Children

Karlissa has three children; her eldest son is Andre L Harvey, born on the 17th of April 1991. On 20th September 2006, Andre was found guilty of manslaughter and was imprisoned for 17 years.

However, King Dre was shown mercy and got an early release after 13 years in prison. His release date was on 12 September 2019. Currently, he is married to Katie Harvey.

Her second child is a girl named Kai Miller, whose nickname is Kaliwae. She was born on 10 May 1994 and is 28 years old. Although Karlissa announced her engagement in a Facebook post posted back in October 2020, Kaliwae got married on 4th July 2021.

Her third child, Blueface is a famous celebrity. He is a rapper, singer, recording artist, and producer. Blueface was born on 20 January 1997 and is 25 years old. He has worked with Cardi B, NLE Choppa, YG, The Game, French Montana, Mozzy, Rich the Kid, Lil Pump, Offset, Lil Uzi, and Drake. Blueface’s $5 million net worth ranks him as one of the richest rappers in America.

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Karlissa Saffold Instagram

Karlissa Saffold Biography

Karlissa Saffold can be found on Instagram with the handle ‘karlissa_angelic_’. She has thousands of followers across different social media platforms, where she regularly posts pictures, videos, and fun moments with her loved ones.

Karlissa Saffold Net Worth

Karlissa Saffold has a net worth estimated to be under $500,000. Apart from being a celebrity mom, Karlissa is a weight loss specialist. She launched her business, My Angelic Fitness, where she works as a fitness and transformation coach.

On MyAngelicFitness, Karlissa documents how she found her passion for health and wellness and discovered a new Keto diet. She intends to help other women struggling with weight management and weight loss through this program. She aims to help individuals reach their goals and guide them to become their best version.

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