Metro Inc. in Ajax, Ontario is looking for a full-time pharmacy manager

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Full-Time Pharmacy Manager Position AvailableJob Status: Long-TermReference number: 35998Ad: PharmaceuticalFull-Time Position Available at Food Basics on Ajax and Harwood Avenue in S.

Putnam Avenue South, 280, Ajax, Ontario, L1S 2J1 hasAvailable: Day, night, and weekend Schedule: 40 hours each weekTo summarize, I will make sure that the allocated financial criteria are reached and help the pharmacy accomplish its strategic goals and objectives.

Moreover, oversee the dispensary and front desk as part of the pharmacy’s operations, provide direct patient care, and ensure compliance with company policies and the standards of practice set up by the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

Please report to the pharmacy immediately.Particular Duties : Maintain pharmacy operations in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and policies, as well as those of the organization, as well as any other regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over pharmacists.

Complete all duties associated with becoming an OCP Designated Manager.Fulfill all dispensary orders and engage in all professional dispensing, patient counseling, and pharmacy service duties.

Carry out all activities within the broader purview of pharmacy practice.Deliver pharmaceutical services and support business endeavors.Work together with other medical experts to provide patients the best care possible.

Manage the scheduling needs of the pharmacists and make sure the pharmacy opens and closes at the designated times.Streamline processes and oversee front desk staff in the dispensary to maximize efficiency.

Make sure that all paperwork pertaining to the pharmacy is filled out.In charge of the over-the-counter divisionReduce shrinkage by managing inventories.

Plan the schedule of the entire pharmacy team, including the pharmacists who will be on call at all times.Oversee employees who are unionized as well as the pharmacists on staff.

Handle personnel complaints and problems.Never lose track of what’s happening in your local market in terms of competition and chances for business growth; keep headquarters apprised of any developments.

Meet or exceed the company’s standards for providing outstanding customer service on a consistent basis.Keep the store in a presentable state.

Using a cash register.Required Skills: Academic Background: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (four-year University Program).Official certification Ontario College of Pharmacists-registered Part A pharmacist.

Competent with up-to-date PC systems, MS Office applications, and pharmacy software (Kroll); qualified in injections; registered with the Ontario College of Pharmacists; and certified in smoking cessation.

competence in human resource management as it pertains to recruiting, selecting, developing, and retaining a competent workforce.The ability to lead others to accomplish common aims and goals in an efficient and effective manner.

Business and financial savvy—in-depth understanding of the medicinal industry’s operational and financial components.Extensive understanding of operations to integrate best practices into a successful strategy.

Objective, with a leaning toward action and driven by return on investment (ROI).Increasing the efficiency of the pharmacy through the implementation of new processes and procedures.

The ability to work well with others in order to create a supportive workplace and solid professional relationships.Having the linguistic abilities to politely express oneself and listen attentively to others.

Time management, organization, and punctuality abilities.Customer service skills to achieve customer satisfaction by recognizing client needs / wants.

Ability to take criticism well in order to grow as a person.Taking the initiative to find and finish jobs without supervision.

Every member of INDFBMetro’s diverse workforce is appreciated for, and the unique skills and experiences they bring to the table.

All eligible candidates will be given serious consideration for employment.Metro will make reasonable accommodations for disabled applicants and employees.

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Please let us know if you need any kind of accommodation or if you would want this application to be sent to you in an accessible format.We will only get in touch with qualified applicants.

Please do not contact us by phone or email with any unsolicited resumes or general inquiries.

In your opinion, what are the most critical traits of an effective pharmacy manager?

The profession of Pharmacy Assistant requires a specific set of abilities and traits in order to be successful in the job. Some of the most important traits and abilities of a pharmacy assistant are:

A pharmacy assistant needs to know the basics of pharmaceutical terminology, such as the names of common drugs, how they are classified, the many dosage forms they come in, and the abbreviations used in prescriptions. They are able to converse fluently with clients, other medical professionals, and pharmacists thanks to this information.
A pharmacy assistant must pay close attention to detail in order to do their job well. The individual is responsible for accurately reading and recording prescription information, dispensing medication with the correct dosage, and verifying the accuracy of labeling. Being careful is of the utmost importance in the pharmacy because mistakes can have major effects.

Organized: Assisting with inventory, processing prescriptions, and providing customer service are just a few of the many responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of pharmacy assistants. They have excellent organizational abilities, which allow them to keep track of medications, keep the workplace neat and tidy, and do their everyday tasks smoothly.

Service to consumers: Pharmacy assistants frequently engage in conversations with consumers. Addressing consumer inquiries, helping with pharmaceutical information, and professionally and empathetically handling customer complaints or issues requires excellent customer service skills.

Keep in mind that whether you’re applying for a position in a retail, hospital, or community pharmacy, the precise combination of talents and attributes needed can change. The unique duties and requirements placed on Pharmacy Assistants in each jurisdiction will determine whether more education or credentials are necessary.

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