Safety Governor Alia Welcomes Businesses to Benue

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After addressing the security situation, Benue State Governor Fr. Hyacinth Alia said that the state is now open to business.

This was the governor’s response when he received the Governor of the Year award from the Leadership organization.

It means a lot to the governor and even more to the people of Benue State, who he praised as a remarkable achievement that shows the world is paying attention to what’s happening in the state.

“The world needs to come to Benue,” he declared. We are located in a rural area. Our family is in the farming business, and we are looking for investors. Anyone looking to come to Benue and make a little extra money with their own investment is welcome to do so. They are free to come in at will.

The state’s populace, according to the governor, is the first line of defense against violence, thanks to the policies his administration has put in place.

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