Tell Tinubu to Stop Ignoring Akande, Onu, and Others What Lukman Has Said

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Chief Bisi Akande, Chief Ogbonnaya Onu, Chief Rochas Okorocha, and a number of other prominent figures were among those who spearheaded the 2013 APC merger negotiations.

As a member of the APC and a Nigerian, Lukman emphasized that party leaders must do everything it takes to restore the Tinubu administration and set it on the course to become the inclusive government that the APC had envisioned.

In an open letter to APC leaders titled “Burden of Leadership: Open Letter to APC Leaders,” the party chieftain made these statements and urged President Asiwaju Tinubu and the party leadership to avoid the trap of a closed administration, which would lead to their own downfall.

Our 2013 APC merger negotiators have a responsibility to the people of Nigeria to force President Asiwaju Tinubu to regain his progressive and democratic credentials. Everyone in Nigeria, even members of the APC, has a personal stake in seeing that the current administration of President Asiwaju Tinubu gets re-elected and returns to its original aim of being a progressive, inclusive government led by the APC.

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Press play to start playing.
APC officials and President Asiwaju Tinubu should not give in to the urge to take the country down the road to ruin by keeping things under wraps. “That can only be accomplished if all APC leaders are willing to lay down their lives for their party and its members, so that they can once again be seen as leaders and not bosses,” he declared.

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