The Agora Policy Outlines the Procedures for Carrying Out the Oronsaye Report

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Think tank Agora Policy in Abuja has put forth a set of guidelines to help get the Stephen Oronsaye Report up and running.

The group’s stance is in line with a policy note written by Dr. Joe Abah, country director of the international development organization DAI. The note states that the federal government should allocate funds for mergers because these complex endeavors demand a lot of time, knowledge, planning, and resources.

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While the government has already created a 10-member committee to oversee the merger, the “Practical Steps for Effective Implementation of the Oronsaye Report” Policy Note emphasized the need to establish separate committees for each merging agency.

The previous head of the Bureau of Public Service Reform (BPSR) also mentioned the importance of raising public awareness about the 10-person committee’s realistic 12-week goals.

An immediate independent audit of assets and personnel audits of all the agencies impacted should be conducted, the organization said, adding that a minimum of six months should be allowed if things are to be done properly.

To make sure the new organizations that come up are the right size and purpose-built, there needs to be a review of the rules, management, and organizational structures. Staffing needs to be streamlined. Redeploying employees to other areas of the government where their talents are needed should be the first step in this sequential process.

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